Oxygen Collective Past Projects

The Oxygen Collective sees all issues of injustice as interconnected. As a testiment to this we have organized around many issues, including campaigns focused on forest defense and restoration, genetically modified organisms and their threat to the natural world, peace and militarism issues, local community issues, farming issues and permaculture projects, indigenous rights issues, trade issues and fair trade options, petroleum issues, and biodiesel as an alternative to #2 Diesel.

Our actions tend to be creative, collaborative, and colorful. We have worked with many local, national and international organizations, as well as amazing individuals who make all of this possible. The O2 honors and recognizes our strong community in Southern Oregon: without this amazing extended family of friends and comrades, our projects would not be possible.

Fire and Forests Roadshow

This April, a merry band of performers, activists and trainers known as the Oxygen Collective will climb aboard their forty-foot biodiesel bus and travel the West Coast for the 2004 Fire and Forests Roadshow. The trip will include 15 stops from San Francisco, CA to Bellingham, WA. Expect live music and laughter, action, video and information.

Fire has become the latest government excuse to log our precious public lands. "Thin 'em before they burn, salvage 'em after they burn," says the Forest Service. We are told that wildfire is unnatural and an imminent threat; that a burned forest is dead forever.
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Survey and Manage Funeral

On Monday morning, February 23, over forty concerned residents of the Rogue Valley gathered in front of the National Forest Service's regional office in Medford to mourn the loss of the survey and manage provisions of the Northwest Forest Plan. The gathering formed part of a nine-city Northwest day of action.
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Back to the Roots Road Show

Ashland-based activists spent the week leading up to the Sacramento Mobilization touring through the Pacific Northwest on board the Oxygen Collective's 40-foot biodiesel bus. The O2 crew performed street theatre, music, spoken word and inspirational presentations to crowds in Eugene, Portland, Olympia and Redding. Throughout our tour route we worked to build energy among the resistance movement while educating others along the way about the dangerous consequences of the corporate agenda of agri-business and biotechnology being promoted in Sacramento.
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There is Another Way Tour

Many activists realize the importance of place-based community organizing, and understand that successes usually come from the perseverance of committed organizers who work over the long term. Recently, we experimented with an alternate approach by taking our activism on the road, visiting many communities briefly and exchanging our skills and resources with allies celebrating dissent in their own ways across the country. The Oxygen Collective is a group of artists, activists, organizers and musicians who set out in a 40-foot biodiesel tour bus to support the growing network of cultural revolutionaries while gaining skills to become better organizers ourselves. We offered trainings, films, independent media and music, as well as collaborative direct actions. Were we indulging ourselves in the romantic vision of a revolutionary road show? Or were we contributing something valuable to the movement by spreading solidarity and energizing local causes?
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Direct Action for the Forest

The O2 Collective works in collaboration with the Mazama Forest Defenders in the ongoing struggle to stop Oregon's old-growth forests from being turned into tree farms. During the logging season of 2002-3, we worked primarily on stopping the Peak Timber Sale, a Replacement Volume sale located in the Upper Rogue River Watershed. Because of this US Forest Service scam, companies who paid for second-growth plantation trees on the coast were allowed to trade them for native forests in the Cascades, all on our public lands.

We organized a Community Earthwork Mandala in the helicopter pad there, and then sent hundreds of protest postcards with the mandala on them to the regional decision makers. We then made Peak a story in local media by transporting dozens of activists in our bus to separate demonstrations at Senator Wyden's office, the Prospect Ranger Station and to deliver the "golden stump award" to Allyn Ford, owner of Scott Timber/Roseburg Forest Products. We also helped to maintain and publicize a tree-sit 110' up in the canopy of an old Douglas Fir grove marked for cutting within the Peak Timber Sale.

Festival of Interdependence

July 6-7th, the O2 posse hosted The Festival of Interdependence, a two-day event on an organic farm in the Little Applegate Valley. Dozens of people attended workshops on biodiesel, nonviolence trainings, puppet making and street theater. A diverse assemblage of around 200 people from our greater community came together for a weekend of networking, learning, dancing and celebrating. Educational displays informed about forest defense campaigns, and live music including the Sisters of the Revolution rocked the oak grove past midnight. The Greenpeace Sun Truck, a mobile solar unit/biofuel vehicle, powered our main stage all day as well as a crew of dynamic DJs mixing live electro-organica in the barn past dawn. The People's Kitchen served delicious organic meals to all, while el Circo fire dancers and Heartsong Chai spiced up the evening with their inspiring offerings.

Fourth of July

The O2 Collective politicized Ashland's 2002 Fourth of July Parade with a procession that began with the large banner: WAR IS TERRORISM. A dozen activists, gagged by American flags and accompanied by a marching Gamelan ensemble, carried the names of countries where the US is currently killing people. A skit portrayed Lady Liberty in chains, used as a pawn and a shield by a corporate goon and a military thug. Behind this stark scene, a rainbow-costumed crew held another banner high: THERE IS ANOTHER WAY! Finally, our biodiesel bus completed our message with banners proclaiming WAGE PEACE and THIS BUS RUNS ON BIODIESEL. Through this action, upwards of 100,000 people bore witness to unmistakable images of resistance to war.